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Members of the Pvt. Charles J. Shutt Marine Corps League Detachment join together in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the USMC (United States Marine Corps) in the Boston, MA area. Supporting the Community from 1959 to 2014
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2014 Pvt Shutt Detachment Staff

have any questions concerning:
- Golf Tournament in June- contact Dom Ricci
- Wakes, illness of members - contact Ed Aucoin or Mike Munger
- Color Guard appearances, or membership issues - contact Bob DeLuca
- Financial matters - contact Jim Dorsi
- Hall rentals, functions - contact bar Manager Carol Martinos, at Shutt Det. number
- Us Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Mike Munger
My suggestion is to use email first, then the Main number of the Shutt, then the cell phone number listed.


The Pvt Shutt Detachment Officers of 2014

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Forgotten knowledge about the USMC

782 or deuce gear

Standard issue web, combat gear, field equipment. Named after standard Marine Corps Form 782, which Marines signed when they took custody of and responsibility for their equipment. above my pay grade: A reply: "Don't ask me; it is beyond what I'm paid to know." acting jack: Assistant drill instructor at a recruit depot or an acting corporal. ahoy: This is an old traditional nautical greeting and also is used for hailing other boats. It was originally a Viking battle cry.


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